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International SIM cards

With the GO-SIM International SIM card, you can save up to 90% when calling from overseas in 195 countries with roaming rates starting as low as 15c per minute. That's up to six times more chat than using your usual service while you travel around the world. You also get FREE incoming calls in over 80 countries, and as your global SIM card is a pay as you go, there's no monthly bill and great call rates are guaranteed.

Unlike other alternative suppliers of international SIM cards, with GO-SIM there are no "hidden costs", no daily service fees, no contracts, no monthly or annual service charges. Standard, Micro and Nano SIMs available.

Global SIM and Mobile Phone Packages

You can buy an International SIM card Starter Pack and add your own amount of airtime or choose a Travel SIM pack or a Globetrotter pack with airtime already loaded. You can even order a World Mobile Phone with Global SIM card package that will work in virtually every country in the world - it's that easy to say goodbye forever to expensive call charges whenever you travel overseas!

Prepaid GPRS and 3G DATA service

With the GO-SIM International SIM card, you can use your wireless device to access prepaid data services via GPRS in over 150 destinations world-wide from only $0.49 per MB. These low rates make our International SIM ideal for use with iPads and tablets while roaming. This means that you can control your data costs but still access those valuable files and applications over the Internet. In addition, high speed 3G is also available in many of the countries.


GoSIM News

20 Mar 2014 - We Know EVERYTHING! If you live in Europe, we have a good idea of what your holiday plans are, and we didnít even need to use the NSAís spying programme to find out. Itís all there in an EU report, the results of which are collated from a survey of over 30,000 participants. The results are, unsurprisingly, very interesting. The economy, for example, still has a huge influence, with four out of ten respondents giving this as the main reason that they took no holiday at all in 2013. In EU countries that have been hit particularly hard by austerity measures, this figure is even higher, with up to seven out of ten staying home instead. Those of us who are planning a holiday are not exempt, with a third of travellers saying that economic factors play an important part in deciding where to go. 42% of holidaymakers chose to stay in their own country instead of travel abroad, and another 40% stayed within the EU. As for the type of holiday that people like, things have not changed all that much. We are still very much a continent of sun-worshippers, with a trip to a sunny destination being by far the preferred choice. Spain was the top destination for tourists, with France and Italy close behind. In addition, when we get there, itís good to see that everything seems to be in order. 95% of travellers said that they were satisfied with their accommodation and surroundings, and the amount of people who said that they were satisfied with the local prices was similarly high. Only 4% of respondents found anything to complain about, mostly related to travel in their holiday location. When it comes to booking a holiday, the majority of those that donít get someone else to arrange everything for them (22%) make their plans using the internet. We also like to make sure we get the most for our money, with one in four people researching and booking each service separately. Of course, if you are reading this, then you can already count yourself as part of that savvy minority! Surveys like this are an excellent opportunity for us to learn the travel habits of our customers, and to make changes accordingly. We already strive to get the very best roaming rates for calls, data and SMS. Rest assured, we will use this information to your advantage, and ensure that no matter what your destination and your reasons for choosing it, worrying about the cost of calls while you are away will not be a factor.
07 Jan 2014 - Data usage rates have been reduced in France and Anguilla for the current range of GO-SIM international SIM cards.
22 Nov 2013 - Data usage rates have been reduced in Luxembourg for the current range of GO-SIM international SIM cards.
05 Nov 2013 - The rates to make and receive calls in El Salvador has been significantly reduced on the current range of GO-SIM international SIM cards.
18 Oct 2013 - Lower data rates in Nigeria! From next week on, data rates in Nigeria will drop significantly and Nigeria will be added to the data bundles!
04 Oct 2013 - More coverage! Service (voice and text) now available in Cameroon, Gabon & Guinea with our international SIM cards.
04 Oct 2013 - New data coverage. Data is now available in Cameroon, French Polynesia, Guinea, Nicaragua, Martinique and Zambia with our global SIM cards
24 Sep 2013 - Data usage rates have been reduced in Austria for the current range of GO-SIM international SIM cards
28 Aug 2013 - Data usage rates have been reduced in Belgium and Ghana for the current range of GO-SIM international SIM cards
09 Aug 2013 - Check our our latest travel app tip "Are we there yet?" edition!
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