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International SIM

International SIM Card

Global Coverage in over 195 Countries

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Global SIM

  • $10 Credit Included
  • Awesome coverage in 195 countries
  • Simply top up and travel!

Calls & Texts

  • Make Calls from 15c/min
  • Send Texts from 15c
  • Free to Receive calls and texts


  • Prepaid data from 35c/MB
  • Works in over 160 countries
  • As low as 18c/MB with databundles
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Europe SIM Card

Europe SIM

Europe SIM Card

Coverage in over 25 European Countries

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Europe SIM

  • $10 Credit Included
  • Coverage in over 25 European Countries
  • Coverage in 6 major destinations outside of Europe

Calls & Texts

  • Make Calls from 25c/min
  • Send Texts from 25c
  • No Connection Fee
  • Direct calling in all locations


  • 25c/MB in Europe
  • 59c/MB in the Rest of the World
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Data SIM


Data SIM

Low cost data in popular travel destinations

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Data SIM

  • Coverage in 55 Countries
  • Stream Music, Videos and more on the go


  • Choice of 200MB or 1GB Bundles
  • Simply recharge and go

JT MiFi Hotspot

  • Connect your Smartphone, tablet, laptop and more
  • Share your data with up to 10 Devices
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Unlimited Nationwide Calls & Texts

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  • Coverage in the USA
  • 1GB lightning fast 4G LTE Data
  • Unlimited Calls and Texts Nationwide

Calls & Texts

  • International Calls from 19c/min & Texts for 9c/Message
  • Purchase International Calls and Texts credit at the checkout


  • Extra data from $39 for 1GB
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Top Up

Already own a GO-SIM? It is easy to top up your existing global SIM card


Free Upgrade

Want a new international SIM card? Swap it today for FREE.


Free SMS

Send a text message to an International SIM user for free.


Easy Unlocking

Unlock your phone to use it with your new GO-SIM international SIM card.

GoSIM - Coverage in over 190 countries

International SIM cards

With the GO-SIM International SIM card, you can save up to 85% when calling from overseas in 185 countries with roaming rates starting as low as 29c per minute. That's up to six times more chat than using your usual service while you travel around the world. You also get FREE incoming calls in over 70 countries, and as your global SIM card is a pay as you go, there's no monthly bill and great call rates are guaranteed.

Unlike other alternative suppliers of international SIM cards, with GO-SIM there are no "hidden costs", no daily service fees, no contracts, no monthly or annual service charges.

Global SIM and Mobile Phone Packages

You can buy an International SIM card Starter Pack and add your own amount of airtime or choose a Travel SIM pack or a Globetrotter pack with airtime already loaded. You can even order a World Mobile Phone with Global SIM card package that will work in virtually every country in the world - it's that easy to say goodbye forever to expensive call charges whenever you travel overseas!

Prepaid GPRS and 3G DATA service

With the GO-SIM International SIM card, you can use your wireless device to access prepaid data services via GPRS in over 140 destinations world-wide from only $1 per MB. This means that you can control your data costs but still access those valuable files and applications over the Internet. In addition, high speed 3G is also available in many of the countries.

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