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Free For Family and Friends

Get your family and friends to call at no charge to them by dialing a toll-free number. The service is available from USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and UK.

Provide your family and friends with your +44 global phone number along with the following two steps:

    1. Dial the local toll-free number:
      • US & Canada: 1-866-305-6462
      • Australia: 1-800-261-038
      • France: 0805-101-177
      • Germany: 0800-000-6485
      • United Kingdom: 0800-376-5637
    2. Enter the +44 global number when prompted.
      • If the phone is off, busy or outside of coverage, the call will be directed to voicemail.

Please note you will be charged at the normal call rate and a per minute surcharge to receive a call.