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How does GO-SIM work?

GO-SIM provides an international mobile network that can save you up to 90% on your phone charges while travelling abroad.

1. Pick the right SIM for your journey

Heading to Europe, the US or planning a big adventure?

No matter where you're going, you'll be able to stay in touch with GO-SIM

2. Get it shipped the same day

Free Shipping is now avaliable when you recharge with $30 or more in the checkout

3. Pop the SIM card in your Phone

Insert your new SIM card into your unlocked handset or purchase an unlocked phone and SIM from us

4. Get the JT TravelApp to track usage and recharge

For more information about the JT TravelApp, vist jttravelapp.com

Which SIM is right for me?

Traveling to Europe?

You'll want our Europe SIM Card, With one low rate for 35 Countries in Europe.

EuropeSIM Card
USD$19Credit: $10
Europe SIM Card

One low-rate for calls, texts
Low data rates
Coverage in 35 Euro countries
+ 6 Global-zone countries

Traveling to the USA?

The USA 4G LTE SIM Card is for you, with Superfast 4G Data and Unlimited Calls and Texts.


Great bundle options,
and low international

Traveling around the world?

Checkout our International SIM Card with coverage in over 195 countries.

InternationalSIM Card
USD$19Credit: $10
International SIM Card

Low-cost calls, texts and data
in over 190 countries

Just after Data?

Grab a Data SIM Card, with 3G Data in over 120 countries you'll always be connected.

USD$29Credit: 200MB

High speed data
in over 120 countries
from 10c/MB