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World Phone Plus

Includes: a GO-SIM card, $10 airtime & JT Journey 3G Dual-SIM

The GO SIM world SIM card is packaged with the stylish JT Journey handset. It literally has every GSM frequency covered for every country - even Japan and South Korea! So if you're not sure if your handset is unlocked or just want a complete package, this is the one for you.

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Critical Information Summary

  • Credit: USD$10 included
  • Make calls: from 20c/min
  • Receive calls: FREE in all major tourist destinations
  • No connection fee
  • Send text messages: from 15c
  • Receive text messages: FREE (on the +44 Number)
  • Prepaid Data: from 35c/MB in 160 Countries
  • Get up to 200% more Data with Data Bundles
  • Comes with a British Isles (Global) +44 & US +1 phone number
  • Excellent coverage in over 190 countries
  • Coverage on over 150 Cruise Ships
  • Easy to set up forwarding of your existing number
  • Prepaid, so no contracts, monthly fees or bill shock
  • Real time online call records and recharge receipts
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Next day delivery available in the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States
  • Recharge via phone, web, or enable Auto-Recharge
  • Standard, Micro & Nano SIMs available for all devices

Product Information

Great call rates mean saving you up to 85% off international calls in over 195 countries worldwide. Which means you can talk longer for less. In fact you can talk six times longer than you would with a standard network provider. What's more, with GO-SIM, you don't pay roaming charges in over 80 countries, so you won't be charged if someone calls or texts you either.

JT Journey 3G Dual-SIM

JT Journey 3G Dual-SIMThe JT Journey traveler's phone is our most advanced dual SIM handset yet. Its dual sim functionality means you can take the sim you usually use at home and couple it with one of our International SIMs to ensure you get excellent call rates and need never miss a call while away. What's more, it works anywhere in the world, including Japan and Korea.

This 3G cell phone combines a series of features, such as a 1.3MP camera, MP3 player, video player, FM radio, loudspeaker, Bluetooth and much more!

The JT Journey is easy to use, light weight and with quad-band frequency for use across the globe. Stay in touch with SMS and MMS messages - stay entertained with your music and videos and stay mobile with this light weight quad-band cell phone.

Need help?

ask GO-SIM

Interested in buying, but just need to clear up the facts? Why not ask an expert? Send an email and our team of experts will get back to you with advice, more information or just reassurance that you are buying the right product.

Or, call one of our toll free numbers and speak to one of our Customer Service team who are available 24 hours each day.

Protect your Global SIM card for life

Losing your SIM card is bad enough at any time but if you are far from home it can become much more than an inconvenience.

You buy a Global SIM so that you can stay in touch, stay safe and save money. So what happens if you leave it in the taxi from the airport?

For a single payment, we can give you peace of mind for the life of your SIM account. So, if your Global SIM card is lost, damaged or stolen, we will get you a replacement fast!

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