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How does Jetstar Global SIM work?

Our Global SIM service operates in over 190 countries and regions around the world on over 300 networks. This means that in many countries you can actually make and receive calls on more than one local network. The Global SIM will automatically select the strongest signal but it may be possible to manually select another network if required.

The available network list will be displayed in your handset if you select 'manually search networks' (or something similar) via your handset menu. Whichever of the available networks you select, the call rates will always be the same.

Please note that, unlike some other providers, Jetstar Global SIM only charges for outgoing calls from the point when the called party answers (and are charged on a per minute basis).

How to make calls

Our Global SIM card uses a clever process called 'call back'. It is a little different to how you would usually make a call on your mobile phone, but is really easy to use. Effectively, after dialing the number you want to call, our system calls you back within seconds and your handset will ring - answer it as usual and that is it, you are connected.

Every time you make a call:

  1. Dial the number using the full international code (even if you are in that country).
    For example, to dial the UK number 0845 6583410 from anywhere in the world you will need to dial +44 845 6583410
  2. Your call will end and your phone may show a 'Please Wait' message
  3. In 10 to 30 seconds your handset will ring
  4. Answer the call as usual and your call will be connected