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Phone unlocking

Usually, providing that you have a tri-band (or quad-band) phone, and your phone is unlocked, you can use any one of our SIM cards in your handset.

Many handsets are not locked. Some handsets however are "locked" by the supplying network to operate with their specific network SIM card.

Do you see any of the following messages when you put a different Network SIM card into your handset?

* SIM Card Not Accepted
* Enter Restriction Code
* Enter Special Code
* Enter Subsidy Code
* Enter Subsidy Password

If you do, our specialist unlocking partner can help you remove this lock in a few easy steps.

If you need your handset unlocking, you have 3 options:

1. Visit our unlocking partner site to unlock your handset on-line (There is a charge for this service). Click Here To Unlock Your: Blackberry, Samsung, Siemens, G1, Nokia, Motorola, LG.......

2. Visit you local retailer or service centre to unlock your handset. Prices will vary so we advise you to call in advance and ensure they can unlock your particular model.

3. Contact your usual network provider. They can usually provide this service but it tends to be more expensive than the options above and may involve sending your phone away.

Remember, once your handset is unlocked you are free to use a GSM SIM card as many times as you like - so you can continue to make massive savings on your calls in the future! It is not illegal!