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What is Jetstar Global SIM?

Jetstar Global SIM provides an International roaming network that will provide savings on your mobile phone charges whilst abroad.

With a Jetstar Global SIM card in your unlocked mobile phone or tablet, you can receive calls for FREE in over major tourist destinations of the world and make low cost calls in 190 destinations.

Simply remove your usual SIM card and insert a Jetstar Global SIM every time you travel and get the following great benefits:


Q. Does the credit on the SIM card expire if the card is not used for a while?

A. As long as you recharge minutes at least once every three (3) months or use a charged service (such as making a call, using data or sending a text message) within any three (3) month period, your credit won't expire. If your credit does expire, access to your online account will not be blocked. If you recharge outside the three (3) months period and within six (6) months of last use or recharge, please call customer service to recharge and get your expired account balance reinstated.

Q. Is the a monthly service charge?

A. There is no monthly service charge with Jetstar Global SIM, however you need to use a charged service or recharge once every three (3) months in order to prevent your credit from expiring. Sometimes, other card suppliers will charge a fee just to maintain the service

Q. Is there an annual registration fee to keep the service alive?

A. With Jetstar Global SIM there is no annual subscription or registration charge. Once you buy your Jetstar Global SIM it is yours for life. Many other suppliers charge an annual fee to keep the mobile number 'live'.

Q. Are there any additional or hidden call charges?

A. With Jetstar Global SIM our call rates are simple with no complicated zones or call connection fees. Even the cost of making a call to a mobile number is the same as to a fixed line. With other suppliers watch out for a call connection fee that is applied to every call - this increases the cost especially when making short calls. However, due to higher costs, calling to certain non-key countries have a per minute surcharge. View applicable countries.