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What number comes with a Jetstar Global SIM?

Our Global SIM is an international mobile service with a Global number that has a +44 British Isles International Dialing Code prefix and an optional +1 United States cell phone number.

Your +44 phone number and PIN are printed on the SIM card. The +1 United States number will be automatically sent to you via text message when you turn the phone on and register with a network in the United States for the first time. You can also get your US number two other ways:

    1. Online. Visit www.gosim.ekit.com
      1. Enter your Global phone number printed on the SIM card and your 4-digit PIN
      2. On the next page click on "Get US Number".
      3. Your new number will be displayed on the screen. Please take note of it.


  1. Using our self service phone menu. Using a home office hotel phone or payphone (have pen and paper handy)
    1. Dial the toll-free number of the country where you are calling from
      • In the US or Canada dial 1-888-513-8804
      • In the United Kingdom dial 0800-376-2370
      • In Australia dial 1-800-795-252
      • For the Rest of the World (international call charges apply) dial +1-213-337-5525
    2. When prompted, enter your Global phone number (starts with 44) then press 2 to activate.
    3. Your US Number will be announced over the phone and will also be sent to you via text message.