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29 Sep 2014

South African travel company Travelstart have commissioned a very interesting survey about travel habits in South Africa. It came as no surprise to see that, when asked, 92% of participants felt that the roaming fees charged by local operators were too high. For example, on the most popular network, Vodacom, the cost to call South Africa from most countries is R23.50 ($2.08), whereas data costs can be as much as R128 (just over $11) per MB. Compare this with GO-SIM’s Explorer service, with both international calls and data roaming at $3.89 ($0.37), and it’s clear that consumers have a fair point. Check out the rest of the survey for some interesting facts and figures, such as what people from South Africa use their phones for while out of the country, or what percentage of travellers are likely to take photos in places where they’re not supposed to!