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Are you headed to the USA this summer? Then boy-howdy, do we have some great news for you, yes sirree, yee-haw! (Okay, we'll dispense with the authentic frontier-speak gibberish now.) We at GO-SIM are pleased to announce our new and improved USA SIM card. Because we're always looking for a better deal and listening to your feedback, we've made a few improvements to our USA service, including:

Improved coverage
Whether you're taking in the sights and sounds of the big city, or relaxing under starlight skies on the prairies, we've got you covered. The best coverage for calls and LTE data available.

Works outside the US
Unlike previous versions of our USA SIM, you can start using our new card even before you arrive in the US, giving friends and family ample notice of your new number before you even set off.

There's now one less thing to worry about when you arrive in America, as our new SIMs automatically activate as soon as they pick up a signal.

All this, and we still offer the same great bundles we always have – a range of unlimited talk & text deals and up to 2GB LTE data. So if you're flying across the pond, don't forget to order your GO-SIM USA SIM card today!