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SIM Expiration and Service De-Activation

International and Europe SIM

Initial/bonus credit 2 months from activation
Credit 3 months from last use* or top up
Data Plans - 250MB and 500MB Plans: 14 days from first use
- 1GB and 2GB Plans: 30 days from first use
Service and +44 Global Number 6 Months from last use* or top up
+1 US Number 30 days from activation, renewed monthly until credit expiry, insufficient credit or cancellation
Expired credit may be reinstated by Customer Service if you purchase a minimum $30 credit before service expiry.


Plan 30 or 14 days from activation date
Add-ons and Credit Expires with plan
Service and +1 Number 7 days from balance or plan expiry

International Data SIM

Data credit (MB) - 250MB Plan: 14 days from first use
- 1GB Plan: 30 days from first use
Service 6 Months from last use* or top up

Fair Go Policy

The Fair Go Policy applies to all promotions and services and may extend to future promotions and services as determined by us from time to time. The policy allows us to request that excessive users of a promotion or service limit their use or cease using a promotion or service.

If a customer excessively uses a promotion or service, we may (a) first advise the customer that the use is excessive and request the customer to reduce the use and (b) if the excessive use continues, suspend or cancel a customer's access by giving 24 hours written notice.

* Last use is defined as making a chargeable activity. Chargeable activity is defined as making or receiving a paid call, sending a text message or using data.