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Travel the US with a GO-SIM Prepaid USA SIM Card and enjoy nationwide unlimited talk, text, and data.

The International Credit included with your service lets you save on roaming charges with low-cost international data, calls and texts in over 190 countries.

You can recharge with a new plan or add extra International Credit and LTE Data at anytime.


Pick a plan

Pick a Plan

All plans include a multi-fit USA SIM card.

Talk & Text in the USA
Data in the USA
Unlimited Plus
Unlimited 2GB @4G LTE SPEED
30 Days
14 Days

International Talk, Text
and Data

International credit allows you to:

  • Make international calls and send international texts from USA
  • Use data, make and receive calls, send and receive texts outside of USA with coverage in more than 190 countries


From USA to
Rest of the world*
Rest of the world*
TALK (per min) USD$0.19 from USD$0.35
TEXTS (per SMS) USD$0.09 from USD$0.35
DATA (per MB) - from USD$0.25

All rates in USD. Data is charged in increments of 1MB. * A surcharge may apply to call and text certain countries, check Rate Finder for a full list of countries and rates.

LTE Data

Add LTE data to your existing plan, Choose from 1GB or 2GB

Data Price
1GB USD$39
2GB USD$59

Purchasing a new data add-on will increase the LTE data allowance till the end of the plan.


All plans come with these great features

Unlimited Local Calls and Texts

Talk and text with no restrictions while in the US. All our plans include unlimited minutes and texts to and from domestic US numbers.

Data at 4G LTE speeds

Fast connection with LTE data speeds across the US. Unlimited data is available with purchase of an Unlimited or Unlimited Plus plan. Add extra LTE data as you go.

Dedicated US phone number plus a Global phone number

Use your dedicated US number or your Global number to receive calls & texts. Keep the same numbers with a purchase of a new Plan.

Low-cost International Calls Texts & Data

Save on roaming costs with cheap international calls and texts while you're in the US. The USA SIM Card also works in over 190 countries, allowing you to stay connected even outside of the US.

Free JT Travel App to manage your account

Stay in control of your service, top up your plan or international credit, check your usage and stay up to date with weather and currency exchange info. Download free here.

Multi-fit SIM

Fit your multi-fit SIM into any mobile phone or Wi-Fi device.



The USA SIM Card gives you access to more than 90% of the US territory.

You can also stay connected while in transit using the international credit in more than 190 countries. Refer to Rate Finder for a full list of countries and rates.

7-day money back guarantee


We're so confident that you'll be happy with your new GO-SIM USA SIM card, we're offering a money back guarantee.

If you're in any way dissatisfied and wish to cancel your USA SIM service, you can contact the GO-SIM support team within 7 days of receipt and request a refund. We'll then give you a returns number and when your SIM card arrives back with us we'll credit your account with the original cost price of the SIM card. If any additional credit that has been purchased, but not used, we will be happy to credit you for this too.

Protect your SIM card for life


Protect your GO-SIM SIM Card for a lifetime!

In the event of accidental loss, damage or theft we will get you a replacement Travel SIM fast.

Opt for a single payment of either Lifetime or 12 month cover.

  • Covers accidental loss, damage and theft of SIM
  • Transfer credit to replacement card
  • Free delivery to your chosen destination
  • Lifetime cover and 12 month plans are available and can be selected at the checkout
  • Terms and conditions apply

Terms of Use

SIM and credit expiry terms
For full Service Life and Expiry details, see here.

Fair Go Policy

The Fair Go Policy applies to all promotions and services and may extend to future promotions and services as determined by us from time to time. The policy allows us to request that excessive users of a promotion or service limit their use or cease using a promotion or service.

If a customer excessively uses a promotion or service, we may (a) first advise the customer that the use is excessive and request the customer to reduce the use and (b) if the excessive use continues, suspend or cancel a customer's access by giving 24 hours written notice.